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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wedding Bells Ringa-linga-Ring

Starting off today's entry with a picture of mum and sis's new bake. They called it steamed cake. If I baked them, I'd give them a better name. Like Pastel Cupcakes or something. Pink and yellow, how pretty! It's some icecream soda flavored cake. Not bad, very light and fluffy.

Sis & Mum's new bake: Icecream Soda Steamed Cake
Sis & Mum's new bake: Icecream Soda Steamed Cake

Anyway got woken up early because they were making so much noise. But it's good that I got woken up, because we are going to check out bridal studios today!
Finally a weekend around together and we didn't oversleep. HAH.

Just looking for actual day gowns because our pre-wedding photoshoot has already been settled. We're going to Korea for the photoshoot in September and I'm like ultra-duper excited! we decided to go with Ido-Wedding because I fell in madly love with the photos that the Lettuce Couple took in <We Got Married>.



So pretty! I really like the entire feel of it. The silly props that aren't too plastic looking so young adults like us don't look silly posing with them. Look at her holding the dainty umbrella sitting on top of a bus! Super cute concept la. Only the Koreans and the Taiwanese can pull off this concept really well.

When I saw the episode of WGM in 2008, I was like 20, never had a boyfriend, and of course marriage plans were nowhere near. But I just knew this was kind of photos I wanted. Good for me that Fiance is so game about it too! I mean he was pretty impressed with the photos too, apart from giving in to me too. Haha Dream come true. Yay.

Here are some of the samples of the various studios they have. These are as of 2014. I think each studio generally change the concepts every now and then to keep their concepts fresh. Pretty good I say. Keeps your customers interested when you frequently update! You wouldn't want to have the same exact photos with like hundreds of other couples because the studio has the same background all the time right?

As of now, I think studio 9 is really popular with a lot of other Singaporean couples because of its lively and fresh concept. Very suitable for young and energetic couples.

Ido Wedding Studio 9

Ido Wedding Studio 9

They have many different concepts to choose from. There are 59 studios in total can. Mostly in Seoul, some in Jeju. And each one of them has it's own unique features. All so chio can? Haiyo how to choose? You tell me how to choose.
Here's something different.

Ido Wedding Studio 13

Ido Wedding Studio 21

Ido Wedding Studio 37

Ido Wedding Studio 41

Ido Wedding Studio 41

If I got money, I'll choose everything. But we no money for that. Haha

Simon and I had such a hard time choosing our studio. There are so many lovely scenes from each studio that we really couldn't decide on one. I would say Ido wedding's studios are top notch. The tough part about going with Ido is that you can't mix and match the scenes because they're all at different studios so you're really spoilt for choices and it hurts having to pick just one. Feels like I'm letting other good things in life slip right by me. HAHA. Too overwhelmed with choices!

As of today, we've decided on Studio 17. Here's a scene which I really like. Studio 17 has the most number of scenes which we like so far. But Idk, I keep seeing more pictures that I like from other studios too. Ah headache. Every time I look at the photos I feel like changing my mind.

Ido Wedding Studio 17

All pictures taken from their official website.

Pre-wedding Photography in Korea No.17

Free publicity for Ido. HAHA Please make me a prettier bride, I'd do more publicity!

I haven't gone for the shoot yet so I can't say how the experience was. But reviews from other Ido couples were really good. (or rather those that were published) I believe many couples had a positive experience with them, despite having language barrier. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Shall share in my next post on the pros and cons of doing a shoot overseas VS a local photoshoot since I've considered both very thoroughly. A tad biased to begin with but I've really weighed the pros and cons of both okay! Shall also update on my first appointment with them!