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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wedding Bells Ringa-Linga-Ring Part 2

Okay so here's my post on the pros and cons of having an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot versus a local one.

Kinda pissed now because Ido Wedding is so inflexible!
Like really damn inflexible I'm so annoyed I feel like advising newly-weds-to-be against them now.

Sorry for the ranting but I just received an email from them and I don't think I'm being over-demanding leh. I understand that things are done different from local bridal studios. But also, since your target group is now Singaporean couples, then you should also adjust accordingly right? Flexible abit can?

I'm still wondering if I should kick up a fuss over this. It's not exactly right of me since I've known this right from the start and now I'm kinda bargaining my way around it. Aiya, that's why I say they should be more flexible right?

Okay basically they only allow you to choose your gowns and tuxedo suits after you arrive in Seoul. It's a half day process, after which the gowns will be sent for alteration and that's it. No more trying on until the following day which is the actual shoot itself. Many other Ido brides had an issue with this because it means you can't go through the whole "Say Yes To The Dress" process. Most of them just hung onto the hope that the gowns will be up to standard.
Though I haven't read a negative review about the gowns lah.

Con Number 1: You don't have the luxury of time in choosing your gowns.

Hey, most local studios allow you the visit the studios time after time until you finally find THE ONE gown.

Okay, granted that they can't possibly allow you day after day of gown selection cos some people can take forever and never ever find something they like. Plus you really can't afford that kind of time when you're overseas, unlike those who have signed up with local studios.

So you can't go to Seoul in peace knowing that you're be donning your prefect gown. And if alteration fails, they will alter on the spot but seriously... Major turnoff factor.

And like I've mentioned, your whole "Say Yes to The Dress" process is completely eliminated. I guess it doesn't matter to some? But I'm abit sad because I can't let my mum, sister or best friends enjoy helping me choose my gown!

Anyway, what I was annoyed with was that I asked Ido if I could visit the bridal studios in Seoul myself in advance and take a look at what gowns are available.
Since I can go to Seoul easily on my own, why not just take a look, try on a few gowns, and have an idea what sorta gowns suit me best? I'm not asking you to alter for me what.
Just let me try on a few gowns so I know which types are big no-no for me and I can have more peace of mind right? People wearing wedding gown for the first time in their life leh! What if suay suay choose an unsuitable one for the photoshoot and spend 6K on photos wearing something that doesn't look good on them?!

I know it's not their usual practice to let people visit and try on their gowns in advance. I tried asking anyway because I really do get to travel to Korea very often and I can find my way easily. They really just replied a flat NO. Came up with some lame excuse saying that alteration is done straight away and if I tried on my gown now, my body measurement might change when the time comes. Hello, totally missing the point? I'm saying I wanna see the gowns and just try so I know what type suits me and what doesn't. I also don't need your translator or transport mah. Don't wanna entertain me say lah.

But I'm paying 6K leh!!!! *cries*

้ธก่›‹๐Ÿ” the photos better turn out mega perfect I tell you.

Con Number 2: Overseas shoot is definitely way more EXPENSIVE.

Period. Nothing much to say further.
Do note that your airfare, accommodation and expenses aren't accounted for yet.
If your package includes paying for the photographer, makeup artiste's expenses or what not, I totally think it's not worth it lah.
(Ido don't need to pay, cos they're all Koreans. You pay for your own butts to get there and no one else's.)

Which leads me to....

Pro Number 1: It's like a honeymoon!

Some couples take this opportunity to go for honeymoon in advance. One stone kill two birds, not bad right? Save $$$ and completely relish in the whole ไบŒไบบไธ–็•Œ newly weds atmosphere.

Pro Number 2: Your photos are different.

Of course lah, take in another country. How many people do that? More nowadays but I can safely say, majority still go for local bridal shoots, so your photos are definitely fresh and different.

I'm major jealous of those who have theirs taken in Paris or in Japan where Lourve and Sakura blossoms cannot be found elsewhere. Very special indeed!

Pro Number 3: It's a unique experience that's special to the both of you.

I truly believe in all these pre-wedding or even wedding must-dos. I know some people find them a hassle and all a waste of money. That's fine because it's a personal preference. If you hate these things, good for you! Save so much money, HAHA.

But I think that you only get married once. (God forbid, I don't want twice) Don't do these things to get yourself excited about the wedding, then why marry If it's just a simple signing of name on paper. Feels like getting married for the sake of it only. No offense, I know it's personal preference.
But you still can't deny a photoshoot overseas will be a mega special experience for both in a long long time.
It's a additional memory of you both to hold onto. It'll be as special as your first date, first kiss, proposal, etc.

Pro Number 4: Your photos will be stunningly Chio.

Ido-Wedding, please hor. I'm banking 6K on you to deliver that.