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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hibernation mode

#esthertheexplorer is currently in Switzerland but in hibernation mode because highest temperature here today is only 13 Degrees Celsius! On the average, it's like 7 degrees??? Plus, it's been really gloomy with bouts of showers.

Friends are out to the alps to ski but nah, not for me. Not with a weather like this.
Maybe #esthertheexplorer should change name to #estherthesummerexplorer. More apt right?
But I also like spring and autumn. Hmm.

Speaking of which, it's mid May now but why still so cold everywhere else ah? What happened to the spring flower blossoms? I feel like nowadays the earth just bypasses spring and autumn and goes straight to the scorching summer or bitter winter. So sad.

View from my hotel window. So gloomy right?

Good thing I brought my essentials along!

 Lappie so I can go on a blogging and drama spree. Watching Once Upon A Time (SE1) now and it's so addictive. How come I never watched it before, lagging by three years now. haha

And my food supplies for this hibernation.

Favourite Spicy Tomato flavour Roller-Coaster in a mug with a spoon so I can eat and still do stuff at the same time. woohoo.
Eating junk food now because heading for the gym later.
Ironic max. Always finding excuses to indulge in junk food. haha

Can stay one more day? Don't feel like going home tomorrow morning but I'm so sick of drystores now.

Met @epeportobello here and she bought me my usual Lychee Champange from the supermarket cos I was so lazy to go out.
Sweet girl offered me her microwaveable nasi goreng and mushroom risotto in case I didn't have anything to eat! So kind right.

Love this girl and her amazing personality.