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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Supper Quick Fix DIY 101

What do you do when you're unable to resist those pangs of hunger late in the night and have absolutely no control over the images of yummy food that keep appearing in your head???

 Oh god, I totally know how that feels.

 Well, it's simple!

 Here's my supper quick fix and it's totally DIY. Wheee.

Imma be one of those jerks to post pictures of food in the middle of the night and have ur stomach growl while you surf the net and chance upon this. Haha

Okay, first,  you need to get out of bed and go look for some muffins.
CHOCOLATE ONES because the rest won't work.
I said, chocolate muffins.
Who on earth would even make non-chocolate muffins anyway?!

My special muffins I got them from Paris.

Mini-sized damn cute! Looks like small poop. Haha But very delicious ok.

Then you grab some ice-cream from the fridge.
Don't have, put on a bra and go downstairs 7-11 to get it yourself.

Or if you're too lazy, send da BF/husband cos no one else will do it for you. (Unless you have a maid but even maids have their rights at night. BFs/husbands, on the other hand.... Well, let's just say their rights are debatable. Lol)

You see, problem with sending someone else is that...

 They don't buy the right thing.


 What a big tub some more. Wah, sian max.

 Why would anyone like raspberry ice-cream! The artificial raspberry flavoring just tastes sour and ice-cream is supposed to be anything but sour.

 You can't even choose to avoid it cos it's freaking all over the whole tub of ice-cream. I'd take durian or mango ice-cream over this berry ice-cream anytime. :(

 Ok, last step, put ur muffins into the microwave.

 Heat it up a little. (step not to be missed)

 Scoop some ice-cream over them.


 Serve while it's hot.

Now don't say I didn't share. :)