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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Food Tasting for our Wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt

We did our food tasting about 2 months before our wedding and it just so happens that 2 months before was also my birthday. So I very shamelessly fixed the food tasting on my birthday and got both families to celebrate our upcoming wedding, but also my birthday!

One stone kill two birds. 

So we arrived and saw our names on the screen. It was exciting knowing that our big day was drawing nearer.

VIP Table with Floral Centrepiece (we went with baby's breath)

Guest Table with Floral Centrepiece (also baby's breath)

Took a picture of the chair too. Rather comfy and I liked it that it doesn't have that seat cover over it. Seat covers tend to shift as you sit on the chair and I personally get quite annoyed by that.

4 types of wedding favours.

We selected the 1st and 3rd one after trying them, which is the Green Tea and Raspberry Truffles, and Rose and Raspberry Macaroons.

I personally prefer food item for wedding favours because they are a good way to feed your guests before the dinner starts. While other hotels typically give coasters or whatnot and these usually take up space in the house, so I won't take them with me. But these macaroons and truffles, I can just pop them in my mouth!

My dad, sis, uncle & aunt (who was obviously very pleased with the pork belly)

Husband and both our parents :)

Didi and the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Below is our 8 Course Wedding Dinner Menu (Weekend)

Dish 1: Grand Hyatt Delights

Drunken live prawn shao xin wine wolfberries
Braised pork shank garlic chilli
Marinated jelly fish head vinegar, chilli oil
Canton roast duck breast plum sauce
Deep fried almond crusted seafood
Lemon grass chilli dip

Dish 2: Double boiled chicken broth, dried scallop, fish maw, matsutake mushroom (individual)

Dish 3: Braised duck, chinese herb, opal leaf wrap

Dish 4: Steamed live garoupa, Cantonese style

(On food tasting, the portion was huge. However, at the actual wedding, my VIP table did mention the portion didn't seem as big)

Dish 5: Braised whole abalone, sea cucumber, brown sauce (individual)

Check out the size of the abalone!

Dish 6: Wok fried deep sea scallops, asparagus, pine nut 

Dish 7: Slow cook kurobuta pork belly, fragrant fried rice in lotus leaf (individual)

Dish 8: Sweet yam paste, pumpkin coconut cream (individual)

Overall, Grand Hyatt's Chinese dinner menu is one of the best in Singapore. Premium quality ingredients and portion is huge too. We have attended a friend's wedding held there and despite being full at the 5th or 6th dish, we continued to eat because each dish was just too delicious! Similarly, at the food tasting, we were not disappointed.

However, at my own wedding, a handful of my guests mentioned that some food was cold but majority were very impressed by the menu. 

At $1860 per table, it'd better be impressive. 

Do take note that the 5th dish, which is served in a claypot, was EXTREMELY heavy for the (rather inexperienced) servers. They were unstable in serving the dish and many of my guests feedback saying that they were quite worried about it. I mean you can't blame them if the dish is super heavy but what's scary is that these servers served the dish ABOVE baby strollers/chairs with babies in them. >.<

Of all edges of the round table, you had to go above the babies??? 

The menu at Grand Hyatt really deserves to be much raved about. However, if you are considering holding your banquet there, I think the service team needs a lot of supervision. Either that, or we were just suay enough to have many things go wrong on our big day. :(

To learn more about their package, check out my post here Grand Hyatt Our Choice For Wedding Venue.

Most of our guests were unaware of the screw-ups and many were very satisfied with the food. So if you are looking at pleasing their tummies, then Grand Hyatt would definitely not disappoint, as long as Chef Low is there.

Nevertheless, we have wedded and I am happy and so proud to have all these people in my life. <3