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Monday, 9 June 2014

Nakhon Kitchen, Thai food at Kovan, Singapore

Will be reviewing on Nakhon Kitchen, a cosy little Thai restaurant in Kovan, Singapore.

Nakhon Kitchen

212 Hougang Street 21 Singapore 530212

For directions:
Nakhon Kitchen on Google Maps

I generally don't do food reviews because everything that goes into my mouth just tastes good to me.

Also, there really are so many food blogs around that I just think my post wouldn't matter.

But as I was wondering what to have for dinner since I was in the vicinity, I googled "good food in Kovan" and various blogs came up.
I then realized that it doesn't matter if I'm no Ladyironchef (who btw gives fantastic food reviews that I always trust), because any other person who bothered to blog about the place only means that the place has something worthy of mention!

So I decided to do a simple review of this place in case someone else googles "good food in Kovan" in future and maybe my blog will help bring one more customer to Nakhon Kitchen.

Ok, this is my third time to this place and I totally get what the rave is all about. It is definitely worthy of a blog post.

First and foremost,

'Serving You Authentic Thai Cuisine' - That's what the signboard says.
Well I don't know about the authenticity since I'm not Thai, but what I'm certain of, is that it's good Thai food.

Here's what we ordered. Check out my Instavid here.
Nakhon Kitchen at Kovan

Pineapple Fried Rice (6 SGD)


Rice was rather fragrant and the pork floss on top really goes well with the rice.
They were quite generous with the pork floss so there was enough pork floss to go with every mouthful of rice.

Only downside was that I thought there should be more pineapple since it's pineapple fried rice afterall, but as you can see, only two slices of pineapple can be found on the plate.

Plus, a tad oily. You'll see what I mean when you get to the end, because the oil will clearly reflect on your empty plate.

BUT, your plate will get empty before you see the oil because it's that delicious! Kind of regretted wolfing down my food when I saw how shiny my plate was. Oh well.

Pad Thai Tang Hoon (6 SGD)

Also very yummy!

As you can see, generous with the ingredients.
Goes well with sugar, which we requested for, and they also gave a large bowl of it, as if sugar didn't cost any money.

We finished every bit of it.

I would recommend to order the Tang Hoon because if you are a sucker for Pad Thai like I am, this is fried exactly the same way as Pad Thai so you'd get the same taste, except that Tang Hoon isn't as filling as Pad Thai. So your stomach still has space for other food!

The Tang Hoon is a dollar more expensive than the Pad Thai though.

Chicken Green Curry (8 SGD)

Good, but I've tasted better elsewhere. Still good though. (the good one I've had was from the Thai restaurant located at the basement of Far East but they've closed down. Anyone knows if they've relocated elsewhere because their green curry is to die for!)

Okay, as you can see, this Chicken Green Curry is on the thick side. Would have been great to go with plain rice. You can't drink it on its own because it's so thick but thick better than watery right?

Also, they use chicken breast but I think most places serve chicken breast with green curry. I'd have preferred thigh meat because breast meat is so dry and tough.

Again, extremely generous with the Thai eggplant and the pea aubergine although I must admit chicken parts were on the less generous side.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup (6 SGD)

Good! But mind you, it's spicy!

You can choose the clear or the thick base. We went for the clear one because I think it's less filling.

I thought ingredients were just right for the size of the bowl, because when it comes to a soup dish, it's really the soup that you're looking out for.

The spiciness is bearable for sure, since I am one who doesn't take to spice that well and this Tom Yam soup kept me going. We finished every bit of it.

But do have a cup of ice tea with you!

Thai Iced Tea (3 SGD)

I'm a sucker for all types of milk tea and this definitely doesn't disappoint.

Might be a tad too sweet for some but you'd expect that from Thai Iced Tea right?

Wanted to order another cup but damn you calories.

So here's our dinner for the day. A total cost of 32 SGD for two. Rather reasonable, I'd say. Considering the rave and the popularity that's been going on for years.

Speaking of prices, here are some pictures of their menu for your reference.

And yes, the queue here is insane. Everytime I'm here, there's always a queue. Even though it might be still bright on a weekday, people are still in the line. It's only a matter of how long the wait is. Despite being there at 5pm on a weekday, we still stood in line for close to 30 minutes.

I noticed that yes, the line's due to the restaurant's popularity, but it's also because the restaurant's seating capacity isn't too big. You can be seated faster if you're willing with share tables with others but most people there really want to sit down and have a decent good meal before moving on.

It isn't fast food because the food is good! People enjoy the food here so they'd order a fair amount and take their time to finish it.

But the good thing is that they take your order while you are in line and food is served immediately once you are seated. Food was piping hot when it came!

It was my third time to Nakhon Kitchen and will be returning again soon.
Not on a weekend for sure though, queue will be mad long.

Do head to Nakhon Kitchen for good Thai food people!