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Friday, 9 May 2014

Chicken Up @ Tanjong Pagar Road

Okay, I generally don't do Food Reviews but this I just have to.

CHICKEN UP is a Korean Fried Chicken joint that serves fried chicken of all flavours and I tell you, it's sooooooooooo yummy omg.

I didn't know about this place and sorta chanced upon it last weekend after visiting La Belle Couture. We were looking for 2days1night when ChickenUp right next to it caught our attention. When we saw people ordering the Watermelon Soju and we were like, "Yeah! Let's try this!"

Here's what we ordered.

Sorry included my dinner date in the picture too. Heee.

Chicken Up @ Tanjong Pagar

You can't really see the variety from the picture cos I only took picture of the first round of food served to us and later on got too pre-occupied with eating. But anyway, fried chicken, you get the gist of it. No matter how you take photo of it, it's still gonna look like fried chicken right.

But I must specially mention this Yangnyum flavoured one. Shiok max can?!?!

Yangnyum flavoured fried chicken

They've got Soya, Spicy Up, Curry and I can't remember what other flavours but you don't really need to know cos you'll probably be getting the buffet option and just eat everything anyway.

Why not buffet?! It's only 25++ sgd per person and you get to eat not only every flavour of the fried chicken, but also salad, some korean chicken stew, and also their famous truffle fries! The buffet also includes a whole bunch of other things like popcorn chicken which I didn't really bother ordering cos I just wanted fried chicken and truffle fries in my tummy.

Eat as much as you want, for a period of two hours. But really, an hour plus of non-stop eating is quite enough already, you don't need more than two hours. There's only so much one's stomach can hold, don't over-eat peeps!

They've also got promotions every other day like ladies night on Wednesdays where you get 50% off alcoholic drinks and some other promotions on the other days.

Not bad since alcohol is great with fried chicken. I'm guessing cos of the Korean drama <You Who Came From The Stars> , this fried chix cum beer combination is latest IN thing now.

You can get beer buffet with your chicken buffet too, at an additional cost of 20sgd if I'm not wrong. Not bad right!

I'm not really a beer kinda person though, so we went for the Watermelon Soju instead.
Watch my instavid here.

Watermelon Soju at Chicken Up

It was 38sgd++ for soju poured onto a mega huge watermelon sliced into half. HAHA. If you think about it, soju costs like $1 in Korea, and how much does a watermelon costs, maybe a few bucks.

Totally not worth it, if you consider the cost price like this. But we had fun definitely. Worth it to try once with a bunch of friends, but I'm not ordering it a second time for sure. Chicken buffet, yes. Watermelon Soju, nahhh.

Check out their FB page for more details on the promotions.

Address is at:
#01-01, 48 Tanjong Pagar Road

Very easy to find lah. Google Map saves the day! Google Map can give you better directions than I can, I'm sure. Alternatively, it's just next to 2days1night Korean bbq restaurant or opposite La Belle Couture bridal studio. Like short 5-10 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Chicken Up has officially replaced KFC for me and you have no idea how much love I have for KFC.

I dream about Chicken Up every single day now. :(
When can I eat again?