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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Never Let Me Go

Imma be deep today and talk about books. Actually just one book.

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

Was first introduced to this novel years ago in one of my Literature modules and fell in love with it ever since. It's a dystopian Sci-fi novel by Kazuo Ishiguro written in 2005. The language as well as the content is pretty light, pages are easy to flip. It was probably one of the lightest reading material from school!

What I really liked about this novel was how I really connected to the protagonist - Kathy H. despite her supposed non-human identity in the book.

I guess this booked inspired me to take on the pseudonym for this blog - Esthee H.
Names, do they really matter? I think names are simply labels we place onto things. To give us a sense that we have a grip over our surroundings.

What does it matter if I'm Esther Han, E. Han, Esther H or Esthee H? Or Amy or Barbie or Dolly or Zoe. Still me right? Okay sorry, digressed too much.

To sum it up, all the characters in the books are clones that exist for the purpose of providing vital organs to humans. They are bred so they will be in the healthiest form when they grow up so they can donate their organs multiple times. Clones generally donate up to 4 times, after which they will 'complete', because their bodily functions are just like any other human beings, except that they were manufactured.

Some 'complete' earlier than expected.
And the part where the nurse mentions that patients often 'complete' when they wish to, really really struck me deep.
If there's no will to life, what's the point of holding on to life?
Why exist if you can't live?
(Sigh, this is getting too philosophical) 

Kathy H. in her adulthood, often looks back to her growing up years and reminisce the simple, comforting times she spent at Hailsham with childhood friends, Tommy and Ruth.

I believe the book never intended to focus on the sci-fi and medical clone part, because Ishiguro wants you to connect with these poor souls, who were thrown into adulthood and reality of the world, upon which you will realize that many things are out of one's control, hard as you try.

The notion that mankind is selfish is so stark here, it makes me so sad.

It reminds me that all the nonsensical things you do in your past can be so deeply etched in one's mind later on, frivolous as they were. I guess all these fractions of your past make up the person that you are today. Regrets in life, that's for sure. I doubt anyone ever escapes from this painful part. You can never ever run away from it.

And at the end of the day, don't we all die?

We all have a lifespan, no matter the length of it, it's never long enough.

Sure we all make mistakes at some point in time.

But it's never too late to set it right.

Live the rest of it the way you should have.

Grab a copy of the book if you can, but I know the easier way out is to go for the screen option. No worries, won't judge you cos I'm a screen junkie myself too. Hee.

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