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Monday, 26 May 2014

A little part of me died.

Went on a hiatus for a bit for the past few days for something awful happened.

I'd like to think of it as tragic but I know that's exaggerating things though I really feel that way deep down.

I know it's not a life and death matter.

My stupid Samsung Galaxy S3 died on me. The mighty all powerful legendary S3 died on me! Committed suicide without me doing anything damaging like dropping it or whatsoever. 
It simply died because it reached its lifespan of only two years. All other Samsung smartphone users y'all agree?!?!?!

Of course it showed signs of being critically ill some time ago when it started becoming extremely laggy and apps would force close itself or wouldn't start.

Why didn't I listen and backup my data every single time! :(

This is why a part of me died as my S3 died too.
The past two years that S3 spent with me, it served me well. It accompanied me across the globe and contains all my most precious memories.  Some of them so precious I refused to delete inspite of backing it up multiple times on my computer and hard disk.

But what's most painful are the recent memories which I hadn't had the time to backup. And I think they're really gone. Gone with its owner to its grave.
And the recent trips I hadn't uploaded because it hadn't transferred them to the computer. So I can't even retrieve low quality images from Facebook.
All I can do now is beg friends who had travelled with me to send me via WhatsApp the pictures that were sent in the group chat. Of course my own selfies are gone with my phone cos I not so narcissistic to send others my selfies. 

I know it's not easy digging through one's phone's camera roll again and separate the images to send to me again which is why I say I'm begging.  :(
Being such a pain in the ass but really no choice lah.

Also, not having prepared for its death, I also didn't manage to transfer my contacts.  I wondered why I never saved the contacts to my SIM card or Google account previously.

I think that's the thing with smart phones. You most probably are multi-tasking as you are saving the contact, distracted by another app that was running in the background or eager to return to something that u were doing previously - WhatsApp-ing, trolling on Facebook, or reading some stupid 9gag webpage. And nowadays there are so many options to save to! Your device, your SIM card, Google+ account,  Samsung account, etc.
Okay it's my fault also for not being consistent, then go and blame on technology for giving me too many choices. 

Even after S3's disappointing short life, still didn't learn my lesson and went ahead to purchase S5. Maybe I'll be cursing again after 2 years. Idk, but I'm too used to Samsung smartphones now.
Or risk losing them.

Thankfully I had my Canon camera with me on those trips. So not all pictures are gone.
I try to comfort myself by telling myself it isn't a life and death matter. And If a gadget of mine decides to commit suicide, it's easily replaceable.

No big deal.
Right, no big deal.