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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wedding Gowns

I'm a sucker for Wedding dresses. The luxury of modern day variety kills me. I could change a million gowns on my wedding day itself. Thank god for Chinese customs, I could probably change a couple for the tea ceremony and Wedding dinner itself. There's something dazzling about the bride on her wedding day. I always wonder to myself when I watch weddings taking place if it's the grandeur of the 1000 dollar dresses that sparkles or the happiness that's bursting out of every single pore of hers.

I love the tail of this gown, though I think we can do without those strappy things around her back and butt.

And this, is how I'd like my photoshoot to be like... wish my HTB could be Kim Hyun Joong! They seem so happy, is it really the art of being in the Korean showbiz because obviously they're not a real couple.

Pictures can be so deceiving!

Can't believe I'm really seriously browsing through wedding dress catalogs. :) So excited!