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Thursday, 15 May 2014


Introducing my current favourite lip makeup -

Part of the BABYFACE series, which I suppose helps to create a babyface look?

Comes in 7 colours in total.

I love this lip balm + tint stick because the colours are so striking. And I think it's especially important to put on lip colour when you're wearing makeup because it completes the look.

I see girls who wear makeup but lips are bare and I feel like their efforts are wasted.
You know nude lips causes you to look how sickly, even if your face is well concealed by makeup???

No lip colour, lose liao. 

No lipstick also put on some lip balm lah. Helps to moisturize and make them look all plump and juicy and kissable. 

Note: It creates the kissable impression. Impression is all that matters on a not too familiar basis.
Though it's tested and proven that guys prefer to smooch lips without chemical substances on them.
(Tested and proven by the one and only guy in my life, Simon C.)
But don't worry! When they wanna kiss you, they will kiss you. :D

Lip colour is so important because it makes you look alive!

It also helps to enhance certain looks that you're trying to achieve, like blood red for a sensual effect, or baby pink for a bimbo-barbie look, orange for a supermodel look, etc.

Look prettier with lip colour and feel prettier too right?
Feel prettier also means happier and everything becomes brighter and livelier right? haha

Anyway, I'll be introducing three different colours from the BABYFACE CANDY GLOW TINT series. 

Bought them from Seoul and regretted not buying more colours. 

I love it because it has a creamy texture and that makes it so easy to apply. Creamy texture also doesn't dry out your lips as much and stays better throughout the day. 

Creamy textured lipsticks also seem to be louder and brighter.

Ready for my self-adverts? haha
Here comes!

No. 2 - Cranberry Candy

This colour is a deeper sort of sensual red but isn't too slutty or distasteful. It's striking yet subtle at the same time. Though I think it's on the louder side so perhaps only the vainer and bolder ones will attempt this colour.

Suitable for all skin types because it's red!!! Red goes well with any colour. 

Go all out on your eye make-up if donning this colour. Go all the way man. 

Matches well with mature, classy or sensual fashion sense. 

Think Kpop group Miss A or Angelina Jolie style.

No. 4 - Rose Candy  

Rose Candy has a very sweet tone and complements fair complexion.
Creates a sweet girl-next-door look but definitely not too plain-Jane.
Because plain Janes cannot be bothered with lipsticks right!

Goes well with simple, light makeup. Can go well with Japanese sort of makeup too.

Think kpop groups SNSD or A Pink style. Super sweet dainty look. 

No 5. - Hot Pink Candy
(note that picture colour is different because this lip colour only reflects well in pictures under white light)

My favourite of the lot!

Hot Pink is the trend for Spring/Summer.

Definitely for the bold because of it's loud tone but I especially like how it bright and youthful it looks!
A tad bimbotic, cheerleader sorta of teenage look. 

Match with bold eye makeup and bright youthful clothes!

Think American teenage drama style. I thought of Confessions Of A Shopaholic and kpop group SISTAR.

I love this Babyface Candy Glow Tint Bar much! 

Got them at Korea for 6, 000 or 7,000 won, which is about 10SGD each? Cheap and good!

 Can anyone tell me if these are available in Singapore??? If they are, you all go buy them okay. If not go Korea and stock up. haha

Okay, ending the post with a selfie, wearing Babyface Candy Glow Tint Bar No. 4!
Hope the lipstick baby-faced me a little. Wahahaha. #thingsyoudotolookyounger

Eyes are so blood shot red because I tried to be a chiong-ster and didn't sleep. LOL.