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Friday, 13 June 2014

Devious Maids and why it's so devilishly good

If you haven't caught this American drama series, I suggest you pause right now, open a new browser,  search "Devious Maids", stream it, download it, make a purchase, do whatever it that you do, and let it run. Because by the end of this post, you could give this drama a shot and you probably wouldn't regret it.

Unless, of course, you are a boring, old blobfish who knows nothing about letting loose and finding fun and humour in little things in life. Which I'm not surprised to know there are many around.

(Random: Did you know that a blobfish looks like this?)

WTF is this thing right? It looks kinda human-like which makes it kinda creepy actually.

Sure Devious Maids is soap-opera, brainless material that basically centers around the lives of five Latina maids who work for the rich in Beverly Hills. They may seem bimbotic, constantly talking about love and sex and what not. But they're called Devious Maids for a reason, and that's because you need brains and wit even think of devious ways!

Don't be so quick to judge click flick bimbo shows. I gotta admit I initially watched one episode on TV with a tad disdain but after that one episode, I had the rest of the season in my Ipad.

If you need further convincing, the show is made by the same people behind Desperate Housewives. So you can expect just the same kind of humour.

I like the show because it reflects a certain level of reality, amidst its drama and comedy.

The show constantly highlights the contrast between the rich and the less-rich. And I think it's hard to miss out the ridicule on the rich. The rich can really be ridiculously rich, or rich and ridiculous.

Much as this is American drama we're talking about, I love how real every situation in the show is. The sort of things people think they can get away with with money, or the mentality and behaviour they adopt on others just because they have more $$$ than the other party does.

My favourite of them all has got to be Rosie, played by Dania Ramirez.

Apart from being so devilishly gorgeous, I like her character the most because she's so full of principles! She's always struggling with her moral values and the temptations in life, yet always making the decision to put others before herself.

Ok, I'm no critic on Rotten Tomatoes so I shall stop here and resume my drama.

Darn, I'm watching it so fast that now I have to wait till they screen it in America before I can watch the next one. :(