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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bridesmaid Dresses

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Have been so busy preparing for our BIG DAY on my off days that I barely have enough sleep. Just yesterday I was so tired that I knocked myself out from 4 pm to this morning 7 am. >.<

I feel as though I have a thousand things that I've done and I want to blog about them but there's also a thousand things not done too.

Oh well, let's take it one step at a time and a reminder to self - not to be overwhelmed by these things and always enjoy the process of it!

I am slightly overwhelmed but rest assured that I really am enjoying every part of it. It makes me feel that there's so much to look forward to and getting married is NOT just about signing a piece of paper together. It's about working together to decide on things, asking and respecting each other's opinion, persuading the other why you'd prefer to have things done in a certain way, etc. Working together on the wedding makes us both feel the excitement at the same time.

I've always thought I might be a little bit of a Bridezilla but I think we're good so far. (oops)
Hopefully others feel the same way.

Speaking of which, I've bought bridesmaid dresses for my 姐妹s! Set up a group chat and asked them if they had any strong objection to certain colours or styles so I could keep that in mind while searching for dresses but nobody replied. I think they're too shy to speak their minds in the group chat since not all of them know everyone else, but I texted one of them jokingly and said "No opinions then I buy Flintstone pattern toga for you, you gotta wear okay?"

But anyway, I later on realised that it was a bad idea to ask them without giving any ideas or references. Too many options available. 7 bridesmaids, 7 opinions and 7 preferences. >.<

So my cousin helped out and found me this taobao link which had rather beautiful dresses at like less than 10sgd per dress. Looked good on pictures, had more than enough decent reviews, so I thought why not?

This is how it looks like on the website.

How it looked like in real life.

If you look closely, you can see how the dresses have got excess material around the chest and the waist that is absolutely unflattering. And mind you, this was size S which I had problem zipping up because it was not only tight but the zip was also lousy, and yet there was excess material on the outside!!! Lousy workmanship, that's all I can say.

Plus, it wasn't exactly that cheap cos shipping was about another $6, so it was about $16 for a piece of lousy, ugly looking dress.

So no more Taobao. At least not this dress. I think my bridesmaids will be freaking bitter and angry deep inside if I made them wear these.

My dear cousin, Elvina, then offered to go shopping with me on polling day. Yay to public holiday thanks to polling day! My friend Daphne told me that City Plaza at Paya Lebar sells alot of bridesmaid dresses so we decided to go check it out. Came across this shop that sells convertible dresses at $32 each if buying in bulk, $39 if just 1 piece.

Quality was good and the sales lady was so nice to help us tie different styles. But at $32 a piece, we were quite sure that online sells such convertible dresses at a very similar price. (Quality was definitely better than the ones from blogshops)

So we decided to KIV this store and check out other blogshops like,,

The good thing about buying from these blogshops is that they often have got retail stores so you can physically go down and check out the dresses yourself. Feel the quality, workmanship and try out the sizes too. Of these three blogshops, Intoxiquette sells their kneelength convertible dresses cheapest at $30 each. They've also got a wider range of colours too.

However, we found Meow Meow Shop on Qoo10 selling the same knee-length convertible dresses at $29.90 and they had a retail shop at Paya Lebar Square, so we headed over there.

Tried on three different colours because we were too paiseh to try everything.

Check out my cousin modelling for us!

Yellow, my favourite because it reminds me of Belle. Looks so good on fair-skinned cousin but it's a very unconventional colour and we were afraid that it wouldn't suit everyone's skin tone.

Blue  - Looked so sweet on its own but seems like a very school-girl uniform sort of colour after putting it on.

Mint - My favourite of all, after yellow! Looks like peppermint ice cream too, no?

Back view of one of the ways you can tie the dress. Please pardon the sexy bra.

It was so tough deciding on these two! Wanted to go with both since it was so tough to decide but yellow was out of stock, so tah-dah, mint!

Isn't mint just gorgeous? A little bit typical because mint is quite a safe colour, suits all skin tones and it's also quite neutral yet sweet and soft at the same time. 

I'm just hoping my bridesmaids feel the same way. HAHA.