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Thursday, 16 July 2015

SNEAK PEEK - Our IDO Wedding Album & Bed Frame

Pleasnt surprise when I got home today!

Check out this hugeeee parcel waiting in the living room for me so patiently. Hee.

Well, not that much of a surprise since I was already sort of expecting it to arrive these few days.

But still, it's always a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling when you receive a special mail, isn't it?

Look how our names are written all over the package!

Sent pictures of the parcel to Simon and told him to hurry home so we could unwrap it together. But I couldn't wait any longer and cheated. I tore it open and felt a teeny weeny bit bad for not waiting, but excitement overpowered the guilt la. 

Some people like to wait until the wedding is over before they share the photos online, so there's still the surprise for guests attending the wedding. But in my honest opinion, guests at your wedding usually won't pay too much attention to your pre-wedding photos simply because there are too many other things to focus on! So I really do think it's okay to share a couple of photos on social media now. Also has the effect of building up the excitement prior to the wedding.

Here's a sneak peak of some of my favourite ones. Actually, all the pictures were so well taken that almost every single one of them are my favourite, :)

Are you coming to our wedding??? :D