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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Our Wedding - 30 OCT 2015

So Simon and I got married on 30 October 2015!

It has been hectic prior to the wedding and it felt like there was so much to be done but yet, our big day just went by in a flash. And I mean, IN A FLASH. Just like that!

I kept reminding myself to enjoy every bit of this process, and I really think I did! Despite being overwhelmed by the preparations, especially so 2 weeks before the wedding. I think I barely slept for 5 days straight prior to the big day! True enough, the night before the wedding, I barely slept a wink. It wasn't due to excitement, it was more like, rushing to finish up last minute duties. >.<

And someone warned me before that on the wedding day, you will be so tired from lack of sleep, the day's busy schedule, and your cheeks will be sore from smiling from ear to ear at every moment. On the other hand, I think I was the exact opposite! It's quite amazing how Simon and I were running on lack of sleep and yet I think we were both glowing on our big day. (not shy to think that we were both glowing). I think it could be the adrenaline rush and also, we were both truly happy on that day.
Either that, or I'm just very used to smiling. (职业病, haha)

But I can also understand where she was coming from. The adrenaline rush only comes when something is going on, like when he was playing the games at the gate-crash, or when the camera is in your face, or when a relative comes by and talks to you. But at moments where nothing is happening, that's when I would feel the physical exhaustion - such as my face weary from the heavy makeup, or the weight of the gown on my body. To be honest, the tightness of the corset-like gown around my body was the hardest to bear! Everyone was telling me how small my waist is, and I'd tell them the trick is the tying the corset tight. Seriously, it was so tight that I wouldn't be surprised if I blanked out. Thank god I didn't.

We really enjoyed every moment of our big day but I don't quite remember all of it because I didn't sleep the night(s) before and there were SOOOO many things happening all at once. But I'm glad to have photos from that day so I can look back and smile at those moments. I personally think the best investment for our wedding was our team of camera crew, I'm super glad I got a team of 3 photographers/videographers! 3 might seem like a lot but the more the merrier! That way, not only we are captured on screen but so are our family and friends. :D

We have not gotten back the photographs from them yet as they are still in the midst of editing. But I am waiting very patiently for them for I believe patience begets good things!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from friends and families who took them using their phones. :D

Being married now feels.... the same and also, different.

The same as in between Simon and I, nothing has changed. We love each other just the same, perhaps a little more. Maybe it's also because our house isn't ready yet, so there isn't a major change in our daily lives. But yes, we're still indulging in the newlyweds bliss. We go to bed (on our new bed) feeling that our queen-sized bed is too big for us and end up tossing a pillow away so we can sleep on the same pillow. We wake up and feel a tinge of sadness when one has to leave for work.

It's different in the sense that now we make more effort towards both families. It's true that marriage is not just between two people, but two families. Now I don't just go to Simon's house as and when I feel like it. I make an effort to sleep there as much as I can, and make the bed after I wake. (I usually can't be bothered to make the bed) Still getting used to calling my new parents Mum and Dad but they are the nicest parents-in-law that I know, so I try my best too. But it's difficult because I want to be home with my own parents too. This "leaving home after marriage" thing didn't struck me before. But now I feel it and I don't feel good because I feel so torn even though I don't get pressure from any side. Self-inflicted burden. >.<

Also, getting married has opened my eyes to a lot of things. Particularly, showed me how much friends and some family members care for me. Some people really go all out and help me out in every way that they can.

For example, my dearest cousin Elvina, who was also my maid of honour, really did everything for me throughout the entire day. Things like running around ensuring the tasks I've given her are well executed, and also putting aside her own image and putting me first since it's my big day. Or wiping my sweat and holding on to that disgusting tissue paper. It's really acts like this that shows you how much this person cares for you. I thank my good fortune for a sister like her. :D

Also, my other bridesmaid, Shiying, who went around Singapore finding items for my gatecrash, stayed up late to help me prepare for the wedding, and even accidentally got her leg burnt by the exhaust pipe while helping me shift things from her car boot, etc.

Not to mention my family and friends who helped out in one way or another. Be it financially, physically or spiritually. I really felt the love from them as they showed their love for me in their own ways. The list is exhaustive. I am so loved by so many people! <3

But of course, there were people that disappointed me as well. People that you think cared about you actually couldn't care less about your big day. It was quite an eye-opener as I learnt that not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am about my wedding. Some people you hold dear to you, and would like to have them at your wedding can simply say "Sorry not free", without any words of blessings following that "Sorry not free". And up till this day, not a single word from them still.

Or those who failed to show up on that day. Major disappointment.

Or those who are usually big spenders and splurge on themselves, clad in branded from head to toe, can give an angpow that is unbelievably pathetic. When I say unbelievably pathetic, I mean it. Not that I'm using angpow as a measure of that person, I really am not. But if you are close to that person, and you can afford to splurge on yourself most of the time, then how can I not use your angpow as a gauge for your blessings to me?

I cannot decide if it's better for these people to even show up or not.

But certain things... 心里有数就好。

On becoming Mrs Chiu, Mr Chiu has taught me a virtue in always seeing the good in everyone. It's amazing how calm and positive he is in dramatic and ridiculous situations. He never holds any grudges and never has anything bad to say about anyone! Despite all, Simon and his family always knows how to give, even when others haven't given at all. Thank god for him in my life, for he helps me focus on being a better person. And I am! Choosing to focus only on the good and happy things at my wedding and feel blessed by all the love showered upon me than the negative ones that certainly don't deserve my attention.

Being married to Simon now has matured me a little and I must say, 我学会怎么做人。To be a good person, is to know how to treat people around you right.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. Say Hi to Mrs Chiu! :D