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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My 23rd Birthday

I spent my 23rd birthday in  Taiwan. It was a birthday treat I gave myself while on internship, because I thought I needed a vacation. It's not that I was dying to get away from my internship, it's just that juggling with the stress and fatigue from interning and
at the same time, being choreographer for 2 items at dancetitude was too much for me to handle. I was desperately wanting to get away from all of it, so I booked myself tickets to Taiwan, pushing aside the fact that school would have started and I'd be missing classes.

It was a 6 day trip to Taichung and Taipei with Taiyi. Being a very studious boy, my dear boyfriend thought it wouldn't be right to skip class plus he wasn't that keen on Taiwan. So he decided to join me over the weekend, just in time to celebrate my birthday for me there. Taiwan isn't the kind of place people like us could go for weekend getaways, so I was really pleased he was willing to come despite making noise about his unwillingness to skip class. So I thought this was my birthday and I was contented.

The craziness from dancetitude, his gout problem, as well as school and then leaving for Taiwan was pretty difficult for him to prepare anything for me. I honestly wasn't expecting anything because I knew he was burnt out from all of these, on top of that, having to pay a sum of money just to go to Taiwan to spend my birthday with me. Not to mention coming to my rescue when I shopped myself broke in Taiwan, I really wasn't expecting anything more. But he prepared my gift, a personally drawn portrait of the two of us colored with crayons on a small Junior shirt. It was the cutest and sweetest surprise. Even though the gift was really adorable, it was the effort despite the time constraint that made me feel really blessed. :) There was also a cute card and teddy that he bought me from Taiwan.

Here's us in Ximending, eating Ah Zhong Mee Sua like EVERY single time we walk by. It's that mothergood I tell you.

[caption id="attachment_290" align="alignnone" width="300"]Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan[/caption]

Address right here:
Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle / 阿宗麵線 (Ximending)
No.8-1 Emei Street, Taipei, Taiwan (Wanhua District)
Spending my birthday in Taiwan with a good friend and my boyfriend, together with the gifts that caught me by surprise, was more than what I'd asked for. A 23rd birthday was less exciting than the one before and I was contented simply  spending it in Taiwan with the company I had.

But one week later, I was surprised yet again. This time, all I was told was that we're going out on a date to watch something. No matter how I tried to dig from him, I couldn't guess it right. The suspense made me a tad frustrated but I'm glad he kept it a secret throughout.

It was only when we reached the entrance of the theatre, then I realized what I was in for. Cat 2 seats for Voyage La Dive at Resorts World! It's been decades since I watched a circus and the good seats made it even more awesome. I really enjoyed the show. :)






So it was a birthday that was celebrated over 3 weeks. Though I hadn't expect anything from it, I was still glad for the way it turned out. Thanks dear the wonderful celebration and irreplaceable gifts. And Taiyi for being so spontaneous and willing to go to Taiwan with me. The hotel bookings she settled for me plus the pretty flower soap she got me.

We are great shopping buddies but we hvav to watch.our wallets next time! Getting completely broke from shopping while overseas is so..... us. WTF.

It might not have been a grand celebration but I was contented. I appreciate all of it, especially what Simon has done for me. I t may not be the sort of glamorous celebration which the birthday girl gets blown away for the entire day but its something more subtle. Like chewing on marshmallows. (Does that quite describe it?)

Now I'm stressed about his birthday that's coming up in a month's time. It feels like I can never do enough for him.


Thank you dear, for being the sweetie that you are. For bringing joy and happiness and bliss into my life.