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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Because it isn't the same anymore.

Hi friends,

I've been wanting to write again for a long time after browsing through my laptop and remembered that I used to keep blogs. Reading the old blogs gave me a variety of odd feelings, as though the person who wrote them felt distant and yet strangely familiar. It made me feel silly for the things I did or the way i wrote. But as I read them, waves of nostalgia came crashing at me, for things that were once important, were sadly forgotten over the years.

As time went by, seeing the old me made me realize how drastic people could change over a span of few years, even months. Or weeks. I know that I am certainly not the same person I thought I would turn out to be in the past. I don't think it has much to do with growing up or maturing, but rather, I've changed my mentality, my perspective and perhaps the way I approach life. It just seems like nothing ever remains constant.

In any case, I'm starting afresh with this blog since the previous ones mark closures to the past. I'm not sure the kind of treatment I'll give to this blog, for that will depend on how life itself goes for me. I'll try to remain true but I suppose overly personal entries shall be made private with access given to certain people.

I guess the blog will serve as my way of giving quick updates about my life to friends, since now we've all grown up and are busy with our own lives. Or it could be a space for me to rant and ramble my random thoughts. Or perhaps serve to be a part of my memory, which I'll safekeep important moments of my life can revisit them in future.

Whatever it is, friends or acquaintances this, please do not judge me or rely on this to give you updates about me. I've always valued physical interaction tremendously.

With that, here's a brand new start to another chapter of my life. :)

Hello new life.