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Friday, 20 March 2015

Office Politics

Waiting here at a clinic to get my 2nd dose of vaccine and there's a free show entertaining everyone here. It's so dramatic I think even Channel 8 drama can't win this.

It's 11 and there are two staff behind the registration counter and they are having a blast - going all out at each other about a mistake one of them has made.

So apparently, a patient turned up in the morning claiming that she had booked an appointment through phone but for some reason, the appointment wasn't reflected in the computer system.
She insists that she called in and spoke to someone regarding her change in appointment. Staff who is handling the situation decides to find out which colleague of hers this patient spoke to.

Let me recount the dialogue.

(Presumably) Senior Staff:  Eh, this patient says she called in to change her appointment. But appointment not reflected in system leh. Is it you who helped her make the appointment?

(Again, I presume) Junior Staff: I don't know leh.

Senior Staff: How can you don't know? It's not me. It must be you, or XXX.

Junior Staff: I cannot remember.

Senior Staff: I think it must be you

She then turns to the patient and asks the patient to identify the voice that she spoke with on the phone, dragging the poor patient into this whole drama.

Patient: I'm not sure.

Senior Staff to Junior Staff: It must be you lah. Come, show me how you change an appointment on the computer.

Junior staff does as she is told, and senior staff finds every opportunity to tell her that she's doing it wrong. 

At this moment, I have lost all respect for this bitch human being.

1). it's a shame that their phone appointment has obviously failed, resulting in the patient having to wait since now there's no slot for her.

2). Instead of finding a solution for the patient, she's determined to find out which colleague of hers made the mistake. The patient is still waiting.

3). She's accusing her colleague without concrete proof. Again, I repeat - in front of everyone.

4). It's all in broken English and how dare you conduct this conversation loud and clear, obviously meaning for everyone to watch you reprimand her.

5). She's guiding the colleague on how to use the computer system, while keeping us all waiting. Hello, we all just want to see the doctor and zao. Nobody's interested in watching your drama but we don't have a choice since you're so f*cking loud and plus now the registration process can't go on with them doing this nonsense.

It is a good 15 minutes since my appointment timing and I'm not even registered yet thanks to your inefficiency and unnecessary drama. Wasting everyone's time.

Best of all, she continued her work and told the patient she had to wait since there's no appointment slot for her.

I registered. Waited for my number to flash. Went in. Got my injection. Came out.


Good lord, can't she just give it a break?!
I am so tired of hearing her kaobei the other colleague I wonder how she's not tired at all.

As I was leaving the clinic, they're closing for lunch break and the poor patient STILL hasn't seen a doctor.
They told her to come back after lunch. WTF.

Okay, this sort of stuff happens all the time and I seldom rant about random minute happenings in life, but I am seriously utterly disgusted by her behavior.

This is not just office politics, it's outright bullying! She was deliberately humiliating her colleague in public and obviously enjoying it too. Yes, if a colleague made a mistake and caused you unnecessary inconvenience, I get it that you're pissed off. But you deal with it behind closed doors! It was simply awful watching them wash their dirty linen in public.

 I don't know why she had to air the entire episode of finger-pointing free-of-charge to a public audience but I think such people either have problems dealing with their own emotions privately, hence the public meltdown, or they simply derive sick delight at the expense of others.

Either way it still reflects badly on themselves. These people themselves don't see how ugly they are.

Some people are horrible like that. Of course, I've seen my fair share of such bullies, mainly at work.
But seeing how narrow-minded these people are actually makes me feel sorry for how pathetically small their lives are. If such bullying can help them feel a little bit better about themselves, then by all means, do a good deed for these pathetic souls once in a while.

Ok, enough rant for now. KTNXBYE.