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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Blogging this while having my lunch outside because dining alone gives me solitude and a certain sort of inner peace, it's like somehow it opens up a passage to thoughts that are buried underneath.

Don't you get that sometimes? When you are alone and your brain opens itself to endless thoughts and possibilities and you get this surge of inspiration to write?

 Ok maybe it's just talkative people like me who feel a constant need to express their every thought out loud. So I guess when I'm alone and there's no one to listen to me, I turn to my writing platform. Incessant need to express my thoughts out loud. WTF.

Writing while dining! Like so atas right?
But honestly, I'm actually sharing tables with random strangers who can't even be bothered to ask me if the seats are occupied, having Lor Mee and sweating away in a coffee shop at heartland Toa Payoh Central.

This weather. I cannot take it. Still wanna drink hot Teh-C and eat Lor Mee.

Coffee Shop at Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central

Soooooooooo many people were having this Lor Mee! Walked into the coffee shop and everyone was having this so it must be really good.


Typical Singaporeans all monkey see, monkey do. Wahaha.

Teh-C was so good though! Smooth without the "siap siap" texture of the tea. Love it.

Went to Toa Payoh Central to stock up on living essentials simply because they have Pink Beauty and Venus there, which sells stuff like shampoo and sanitary pads cheaper.


Gosh what have I become?

Today's weight lifting - checked. Carried all these home on my arms!

I was texting a friend yesterday about how we don't seem to be earning enough, despite having a decent paying job. Salary that gets credited flows out in a flash. And I'm not an extravagant person yo.

My most expensive spending in a month is probably at DrX, on facials and products. T.T DrX is really mother-expensive but what to do? 爱美不要命. Having a clear complexion means a huge deal to me. Battling with acne is not a fight of its own. It's also an internal battle with my confidence and self-worth, which I honestly, lose very pathetically without much of a fight. Acne is alot better now, though I'm still experiencing occasion breakouts that take ultra long to heal. Going for regular facials and using their products do help me to keep it under control.

So spending on dermatology is a need for me. Compared to food and transport, this really comes close.

Other than that, I honestly do not spend much on other things. Occasional social gatherings that include some wine, theatre and entertainment really does burn quite a hole in the pocket. That hole in the pocket then ends up burning a hole in my heart too. Such hard earned money gone like spilt water. Good for the fiancé who has passed the period of bringing me on impressive dates.

Honestly, it's insane! Cost of living here is akin to Paris or England. NO WAIT, we're now the new Switzerland.
I'm glad that my country is doing well, I really am. I'm grateful for the cleanliness, efficiency, safe environment, high quality of life, etc. I really am grateful.

But what we're really lacking is satisfaction with life. We're as expensive as Switzerland, but we work doubly hard every single moment of our working life and naturally,  have half the rest and family time they do. When work and the constant worry about finance bugs you, it consumes you almost entirely. I don't blame us for being ungracious and selfish on the trains. Afterall, who wouldn't be if some people worked all day and would never be able to afford their own car? Or if you worked for half of your life and you've still got a housing debt to pay off? Public housing that houses maximum 4 to 6 adults (5 may be a bit pushing it already), loaned to you for at most 99 years. LOANED, mind you. With basic sanitary fittings included but floor tiles and doors provided at an additional charge.  😂

Let's not even talk about retirement.
What retirement? Does this word even exist for the average Singaporean? Everyday I look at the poor elderly who still clear dishes at hawker centers or bring coffee to patrons at coffee shops. Cleaners too. My heart aches everytime I look at them. You never see elderly doing these odd-jobs anywhere else in the world.

I know this is a very general claim that I'm making and that perhaps we are better off than how I described it.
But you get the gist.

It's suffocating when inflation is happening mad fast but salary is more stagnant than the bucket of water that breeds mosquitoes.

Even in Europe, employees suka-suka just go on strike anytime, anywhere. Yes, it takes plenty of strikes until a change has been made. But at least they get to enjoy a break from work during their strikes and ricebowls  remain intact.

Well I guess that's enough complaining for now.
Signing off!

Went to Gymboxx for the first time. Triple the price of government gym but NO towels, NO water dispenser, NO free lockers and NO hot showers. WTF, I happily went thinking they how atas, so expensive. Stepped in and to my horror, no difference from PA gyms, only difference was the crowd and how it reeked of sweat and body odour. Gymboxx was the more crowded and smelly one, yes.

Not worth the hype at all. Only good thing about it is that it's opened 24 hours. But really, no towels or water dispenser???