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Thursday, 3 July 2014


You are definitely missing out if you've never had this or if you've had but didn't like it.

Or perhaps you've tried, and in spite of all the rave that has been going on about these food carts that have ridiculously long lines throughout the day, and you still didn't like it....

All I can say is, you probably went for the wrong one.

Either that, or you're just one weird one. (obviously, since it's so darn legendary by now)

Because the Halal Guys definitely offers downright amazing food that will make your tummy happy and leave you asking for more.

As I'm typing this, I'm already drooling as I think about this plate of this chicken and lamb platter.

How can a food cart by the street of Manhattan serve such amazing, amazing food?!
It's just a food cart.

Okay, let's be honest. Of all places in the world, NYC is definitely not one of the places that pops up in your mind when it comes to good food from food carts.

And yet the Halal Guys top my list when it comes to my list of must-have-food-from-all-over-the-world.

For an asian who loves steaks and seafood and pasta and everything cooked western-style, plus I really don't care much for rice, this Chicken and Lamb over Rice is really something.

I'm not gonna go into which food cart is the best and how to locate the best since there are so many imitation carts all over.
For that, do refer to and These guys have done some serious homework in determining the real deal and sharing their findings with others, which I have got to give them credit for.

It appears that the recommended one would be the cart that says "We Are Different" so I'd try search for that next time.

The one I had claims to be the original but well, I really wouldn't know. All that matters to me was that I was having good chicken and gyro (which also means lamb) over rice.
It was good enough for me so I don't know how any other is gonna beat this.

If you're gonna try this, it's right opposite the main entrance of Magnolia Bakery at Rockefeller Center. Cross the road, turn left and walk straight down. It's also opposite the Manhattan Hotel at Times Square.

I know I'm bad at giving directions. I should give the address but it's hard when there could be like 3 of such stalls along the same street!

If it helps, look out for the "We are the Original" on their stall and shirts?

Okay it says here on his shirt that they're on the 6th Ave and 52nd Street.

For the benefit of those who have never heard of this legendary food cart, you can choose to have chicken or lamb chunks all over orange rice and for me, it's really the white sauce that makes this oh-so-yummy.

Do note that the red spicy sauce is VERY VERY hot, so you might wanna go easy on that. Mix your sauces with the meat and rice and taste heaven with each mouthful!

One huge platter for the cost of 6USD!

Piping hot and good food along the street (which didn't give me any stomach upset), plus you're not forced to pay tips for lousy service as you do in restaurants, and they're generous with its serving as well as the sauces that come with it! Why not right???

Oh I already miss this. :(