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Friday, 11 July 2014

Chicago The Musical - Inspired Post


Even before getting to know that such a musical exists, I was humming to the tune of "All That Jazz" like all the time. It was such a big hit then and still is now, all it takes is for someone to hum a small section of the song and you'll have that tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Anyway when I finally had the chance to visit Broadway in Nov 2013, I just had to watch it!

So I did.

My ticket bought from TKTS priced at 71usd, 50% off! Wahahaha, happy max. 

Also sneaked a picture during the interval while I was inside,at least I had the decency to not photograph during the show.

This was the band that was on stage throughout the entire performance, which is completely different from all the other musicals I've watched so far. Most of the other musicals have their bands below the stage so the entire focus is on the what's happening on stage but Chicago gives you a clear view of their band. I'd say the band shares the stage just as much as the actors and dancers!

I love how the conductor plays a vital role in the musical. She's a part of the set on stage and she even has a line. It was just amazing how much credit is given to the band on Chicago.

This was after the show, I had to wait for the crowd to clear before I could get a good shot without people photo-bombing me.

So damn friggin inspired by the brilliant Chicago dancers that I decided to show off some dance moves of my own!


Ok, I looked like an idiot but I was really inspired okay. You just haven't seen the real stuff from me.

Pardon the inappropriate dress sense but it was freezing in November and I couldn't bring myself to dress Chicago-style. I'd freeze my butt solid cold if I did so.

But anyway, I must say I really love this whole "Chicago" fashion sense. Black and red, lace and leather. Stockings and heels. What can be more sexy than this???

I'd go all lace and bra and stockings and heel if I could.

And since I didn't dress appropriate to watch Chicago the last time, I decided to make up for it this time. (This time I meant my June 2014 trip.)



Have or not?
The Chicago-feel I mean.

Have right? Love this dress to bits. Bought from Tracyeinny. People on Broadway would walk by and randomly tell me they like my dress. Wahaha!

I just love how vocal the Americans are with total strangers. Come on, these are the things you ought to be saying to fellow human beings right?

So in love with this look I shall bombard you with more pictures.

Lousy S5 and it's front camera, I told you so. WTF so blurry.

Makeup to go with the look! Red lipstick, a must for the Chicago-look.

Lipstick used was P2 which I bought from DM in Frankfurt. It was super cheap like 1.95€ I think.
The code for this red is 100 - Oxford Street.

Love the deep sexy red that it exudes on my lips, and what's even better was how creamy and moisturizing it was!

Best part of this lipstick, IT STAYED THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Lovely! I think I only touched up once but that was because I had time to kill. Pretty good quality for its price!

Eyeliner was my usual Japanese K-Palette - I day Tattoo eyeliner.
I just love this! Always gives me the dark, sharp, ultra black contour around my eyes.

WTF this picture look like some Hong Kong actress playing a sultry mistress. 

End of my narcissistic selfies.

Since I already watched Chicago, I went for Kinky Boots instead.

Wtf always never dress appropriately.