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Friday, 22 January 2016

Travelers Planet Hostel Seoul

Super overdued post!

If not for my cousin asking me about where to stay at while in Seoul, I doubt this post would ever see the light. Haha.

But since she was looking for a place to stay and didn't want to spend on Hotels, I decided to recommend her Travelers Planet Hostel through my blog. I figured it was the best way to show her pictures of the place without having to upload and then download them.

First and foremost, location! It is located in the famous Hongdae area, where Seoul's nightlife is. Situated near Hongik University, you'll find the place brimming with youngsters who dress their best, many clubs, food places and shopping, even till late at night.

Direction by Subway:

Take Subway line number 2 and get off Hong-ik Univ.station and exit by Exit number 2.
From the exit,Travelers Planet is only located 5 minutes way by walk.

For other information, check out their website here

For more review by other travellers: TripAdvisor - Travelers Planet Hostel Seoul

Husband and I stayed at Travelers Planet Hostel in 2014 after our pre-wedding shoot with Ido-Wedding.

It was a crazy tiring day because we checked out of our hotel (hotel was part of the pre-wedding shoot package) at Kangnam area early in the morning, did our shoot for the entire day, and then checked into Travelers Planet.

I was so shagged by the time we arrived at Travelers Planet but upon seeing the place, my tired eyes immediately lit up! It was so bright and cheery and the girl at the reception was super cute. She was wearing these geeky specs that didn't have any lens and though she didn't speak english very well, she tried so hard to be friendly towards us. >.< She saw my "wedding" makeup and got excited when she asked me if we just had our shoot done. Also recommended tons of good food around the area because we were starving and even volunteered to order food for us in case we were too tired to head out!

Really excellent reception we received. :D

Our double room. Kitchen with crockery, stove, water dispenser, fridge, and washing machine! <3

I can't remember what that machine beside the washing machine was. A humidifier maybe?

Husband taking a selfie of himself. haha

Our double bed. Yellow, bright and cheery. Felt happiness instantly. haha

Table next to bed, which we mainly used for eating our take-out suppers.

There was even a TV connected to a PC which you can surf the night and research for your itinerary!

So happy I didn't want to get off the bed and husband threatened to take a picture of me. I was like "GO AHEAD". hahaha

Still not moving!

You're not the only person who knows how to threaten someone by taking pictures of them.

As you can see, we are completely satisfied with our room for the rest of our trip. :)

Also, Travelers Planet is super near to 팔색삼겹살, which I recommend as my favourite BBQ meat restaurant in Seoul. We ate there twice in a row and that never happens when we're overseas because we always want to try all types of food. So you can imagine how amazing it was! Check out my entry on 팔색삼겹살 HERE.

We had a private bathroom too but I forgot to take a picture of it. Very decent for a cleanliness freak like me though!

Sorry I can't remember how much we paid for our accomodation but it was definitely WAYYY cheaper than hotels around the area.

If you're planning to stay in Seoul, I think most of their guesthouses/hostels are good enough. I liked the coziness and homely feel to them, as opposed to hotels. Of course, you don't get free amenities such as toothbrushes or shavers, but you can always bring those with you on your travels.

They provide towels too but I brought my own. (told ya, I'm a cleanliness freak)

Travelers Planet Seoul, highly recommended! ;)