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Friday, 16 January 2015

Monster Cupcakes In Seoul

Someone's brought the cafe hunting craze all the way to Seoul.

Weird how I've never really been into cafes in Singapore but searched so hard for one in Seoul.

But honestly, you've got to give Monster Cupcakes a try. It's really one of a kind, not your typical pretty, quaint little cafe which has perfect lighting for #selca and serves just about average coffee.

Monster Cupcakes, as the name suggests, is a horror-themed cafe that sells cupcakes and coffee of premium coffee beans.

I found out about this place as it was Simon's birthday while we in Seoul and I wanted to celebrate it at some place interesting where we could sit down, relax, and have a bite without it being packed with people. I googled "interesting cafes in Seoul" and chanced upon this. I know bringing a grown man to a cafe to celebrate his birthday is a tad gay, but a horror-themed one?! He's got to love it! (Or at least I did.)

By the way, here are a couple of websites recommending cafes that are worthy of visiting. I thought they did a pretty neat compilation. Thumbs-up for these guys!

Side note: I personally didn't think much of Thanks Nature Cafe, one that prides itself on two rather skinny looking sheep. Service there was bleh and I left even before ordering anything.

Anyway, about Monster Cupcakes, I just thought I'd highlight their opening hours.

It says on their facebook page that they're open Mon - Sun, 9 am to 11 pm.

I don't know if this isn't accurate or it's been recently updated but Monster Cupcakes was NOT OPENED on a Tuesday. (I know this because we actually made a wasted trip that Tuesday.)

Picture taken in Oct 2014, it states that they are closed on Tuesdays. (pretty sure is still the case, check out their Korean website here)

Opening hours are 12pm - 10pm.


용산구 이태원동 305-7, Seoul, Korea 140-861

(Yeongsam-gu Itaewon Dong 305-7, Seoul, Korea 140-861)
Tel No:


It's pretty small, tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood but check out how cool the cafe is!

From the outside

A table with two chairs for outdoor seating

Alien greeting you along the road

Chucky who greets you at the cashier counter

Honestly, Chucky has always freaked me out. And this life-sized doll on the cashier counter is very strategically placed, I must say! I kept feeling it was gonna suddenly move or pounce at me as I'm paying and was damn wary of it, but it was just my paranoia.

Sally, the Corpse Bride was on the other side of the counter.

Sally, Corpse Bride

They had tons of other monsters and what not all over the cafe. It's a bit messy and cramped for the small place (seats 4 inside, 2 outside) but it's fun exploring thing minute details.

This is the set-up that was on our table. (shades are mine though)

Check out the rat and spider under the tray. 

Other quirky stuff on our table. 

This spider was hanging on the wall above me and staring at me while I was seated there the whole time. Brilliant! Reminded me of Aragog from Harry Potter.

More Spiders. Yuck.

Werewolf claw marks on the wall! Don't understand why it has to be framed up though, must have been some kinda Superstar werewolf.

This must have been recently added - Monsters, Inc! 

All kinds of monsters. You name it, they have it. 

In need of some monster blood, anyone?

Enough of the cafe set up, let's take a look at the actual food that the cafe serves.

Cupcakes, needless to say, very ingeniously crafted and designed! The cupcakes really had me taken away because who would have thought to put such ideas on a small cupcake like this?

Anyone who bakes, or doesn't bake, surely understands how much effort it takes to decorate a cupcake like this. I don't believe this is factory-produced so kudos to the Monster Cupcakes' baker!

Priced at approximately 5,000 KRW each.

I thought taste wasn't too bad. Not your heavenly kind of taste but decent enough.

Check out this One-eyed monster that's strawberry flavoured.

A cafe-mocha flavour cupcake topped with a chopped off finger with red painted nail and blood still oozing out?

How about this Lemon flavoured bloodshot popped up eyeball? (Actually, it really looks more like a oddly coloured breast with a perky nipple to me)

Honestly I don't know what this is. LOL.

OOOOH. Red Velvet Cookie Monster!!!

Fancy a Tiramisu flavoured tombstone?

Or wriggly worms on your dark chocolate cupcake?

More selection of their cupcakes here but I'm done coming up with menu names for them.

Super cute right, their cupcakes! It was so hard trying to decide which ones to order. Not a fan of sweet stuff but we ordered three anyway.

Ta-da! Our final choice.

Us fooling around, still getting freaked out by Chucky.

How To Go To Monster Cupcakes:

1). Get off at Noksapyeong Station. Take Exit No. 2.
You should see this as you exit the subway station.

2). Walk straight for about 5 minutes until you reach the first underground pass.

3). Go across the street by using the underground pass.

4). Turn left and you should see this as you get to street level.

5). Cross the road and turn right. Continue walking along the road.

6). In about 5 minutes, your destination is on your left.

Have fun at Monster Cupcakes like I did!