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Sunday, 11 March 2012

My new life

So I found myself a job.

My first full time job, a step into the real world upon graduation. I remember pondering over my future as I was wrote my final year paper. The more I wrote, the more it came to me that I truly detested what I was doing. It was painful because I knew I loved literature. I loved reading and appreciating fine works by talented writers but it's different when you are thrown into a system (commonly known as the SG education system) and you know the toughest survives. The rest just float in dead waters. And it's precisely the fact that the country is so wrapped up with elitism and its warped sense of what elitism comprises, that made me decide I wanted something out of this country.

I looked at teaching overseas because that will mean that I get to go away and live elsewhere, and still put my major to good use. And then I realised that the only place that's affordable and still attractive to me is Korea. And Korea doesn't recognise Singapore as a native english-speaking country. WHUTTTTTT. Which means even if they do employ me, they can only employ me as teaching assistants while the Americans and the Europeans (mostly whose english isn't even their first language) will be the main teachers.

Poof. There goes the plan.

And I'm glad because here I am, with a job that brings me around the world, a different place a week, with lovely awesome hotels and meal allowances covered for. The bargain is, I work my ass off on the way there and back. Other than that, it's all good. I'm given ample rest, more than enough actually. I don't bring work home. I bring my camera around and snap snap snap. Even if I'm alone.

Another downside is that it's a job with an unpredictable schedule, which makes it hard for you to hang out with friends or arrange something. It's mostly private time, one room to yourself while overseas, or home alone on a lazy weekday. It can be good or bad I guess. For me, it's good and bad. It depends.

But one thing is,
I hate reporting for work at unearthly hours.

Okay, that's all I have.
Watch this space for my travel updates!