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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Literature Reading List

I remember browsing through the lit section in the school bookshop for a book on my final paper and I went through shelf after shelf of books, finding the title of each book so familiar. I then realise the extent of books I've read over the course of my 4 year course... Strange how I've always tried to recollect a good read but my mind goes to a blank and all I can think of is Harry Potter, but as I walked down the aisle looking at the lit texts, each one of them comes flashing back to my mind rather vividly. I feel a certain nostalgia for these texts, a sense of familiarity... but at the same time, a sense of pity for I really enjoyed reading these texts but I wished I read them for the sake of reading and not for the sake of examinations.

This is the love-hate relationship of being a student I guess. I'm thankful for the oppurtunity to study my area of interest more deeply, and I wouldn't have changed a different subject if I were to make my choice again. But the nature of Singapore's educational system has greatly murdered my passion for studies. I feel as I'm being forced to read and do my assignments in the way that would help me score the best, as opposed to genuinely studying and learning things. I know it's probably the same everywhere else, but this elitist state of thinking is not doing everyone good. There are other ways to excel for a person besides academics, and sadly, none of this can be appreciated in this state.. One can look up to you if you're rich, sure enough. But it isn't the same as being looked up to if you are smart.
But what really defines intelligence?

Pardon the deep thoughts about academic qualifications. I'm at a point when I've graduated and find myself at the crossroad, wondering which path to take. Failure at a couple of interviews is really nothing for a fresh grad right? Afterall, one's life can't always be smooth-sailing right? 

If you fall, you stand up and try again. If you fall again, stand up and try again. Yes, that's the way Miss Han! :)